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How to find the right Dental Clinic

If you are looking for a dentist, whatever type of dentistry you require - whether it is cosmetic dentistry or general dentistry make sure you find the right dental practice for you!

Dental Practice - Treatment availability

Check with dental practice what treatments are available and what dentistry you really need. If the dental practice does not do the treatment you need either find another dental practice or ask the dentist to refer you to a dental practice that can help you.

Dental Practice - Procedures

Different dental practices offer different dental treatments. Cosmetic dentistry is normally offered at a cosmetic dentistry practice and general dentistry at a general dental practice. However some dental practices offer both cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry.

Dental Practice - Treatment Types

Popular dental treatments include:

- Porcelain veneers
- Dental implants
- Cosmetic dentures
- Full dentures / partial dentures
- Teeth whitening
- Gum disease treatment
- White fillings
- Dental crowns
- Dental bridges
- Tooth extraction

Dentist registration

Make sure the dentist you see is registered with the General Dental Council. If you want cosmetic dentistry the cosmetic dentist should be registered with the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.


All staff should be qualified and appropriately trained at the dental practice. You should feel comfortable with the staff and be explained all dental treatment you require.


It is good, but not essential that the dental practice is in the vicinity of where you live. It is advised not to travel abroad for dental treatment as aftercare being an issue.


Aftercare is just as important at the dental practice as well as having the treatment. Aftercare whatever it may be is the maintenance of a healthy smile.

Private or NHS Dental Practice

It is important to check what type of treatment the dental practice offer. Is it NHS you want or is it private dentistry- Most cosmetic dentistry is private only.


Most good dental practices offer finance for dental treatment. This could be interest free or low interest. Finance is an affordable way to have dental treatment.

Authur: Mike from Perfect Smile Spa located in London and Essex.

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